My sweetie is gone.  She left me.  Sigh.  Luckily, I’m joining her Thursday in #YVR for a little event we like to call THE WEDDING!  Looking forward to seeing the Vancouver gang again, and officially wrapping up my dear sweet Ellie for the next few decades.  Then we’re off on an incredible honeymoon in Northern Europe!  It’s all quite surreal at this point, and I’ll only fully believe it when it’s happening (grumpy volcanoes notwithstanding).

Meanwhile, I’m here by myself for a few days getting ready for the next few weeks, doing stuff around the house (ever drained a plugged hottub? Pain in the A$$!), and deciding what to pack.  And I’m doing most of it in my Fruit of the Looms.  Kinda liberating, really.  @Netchick certainly doesn’t mind my bareness, but I have some real body image problems that prevents me from taking my shirt off – pretty much ever.  So bopping around the house topless is kinda fun, as long as all the shades are drawn.  Tonight is movie night, and a buddy is coming over to experience ZombieLand in all its goofy glory.  Fortunately for him, I’ll be clothed from head to toe again by the time he arrives.  Modesty is the primary reason, and shrinkage the other.  It’s a little chilly down there.